Tuesday, January 24

voucher anyone??

salam alaik.
its been a long time since i've written something. well, the ee's and tok's stuff are chasing me to my end. now i have some free time when my friends really looks like zombie here and there. well, to be frankly, not every month you can stay awake all night long right. hoho~ i've done it for. like 3-4 times since IB life started to 'hecticizing' me(forget the vocab. my weakness.)

have been spending my RM200 voucher in a go at kinokuniya. what a store. i entered it at 11 in the morning and began to realise my legs are going numb at 1.30 pm. haish. what a pain. i am actually looking for a series of novel by a same writer. took a glance at harry potter's set. and think. naah. i've read each of those. it would be a waste.

then i went for Jodi Picoult. nope. sleepiness will haunt me down.

already promising myself to not buy anything in malay language. it's not that i didn't like malay novels or books. it's just. u should see my room back in kmb first. a rack. i've been thinking of posting some of the books to my home. but that can wait.

then i came across a Popular Science sectio. and there. they're shiny!!

fell in love with this one with the first glance. never put it back afraid that another person might have them and this might be the last. silly me. haha!

like the jeans. =D

this one took me 15 minutes to figure it out. just because of the same title. urgh.

the one and only serious books. like it btw.

and this one is just nice. haha. funnny one though.
a funny one indeed!
this one is out of topic. someone choose it for me. hihi~

out of genre huh? just my type.

i don't know why and don't ask me why i bought a lot of books in the same time when i just bought hlovate's contengan jalanan last week. a waste. haha. we'll see. got three months(or maybe more) at home. kasi khatam lah. eh.

haha~ gonna really train myself to read more english books while never leaving my malay novels in the same time. change of mood. yeah. nope. an improvement. yeah. that's better.

have been watching some japanese dramas on medicine, the Team Medical Dragon and Code Blue. nice one, guys. you kept me on my chair for more than two hours. unbelievable. they're asian. i'm not surprised.

pray for my for my interview result. gonna be out soon. *rumours. there's a small chill. less confidence. but it's still there. i mean the confidence. *keep crossing fingers.

salam alaik. ouch. my malay irp notes are waiting. so do the IoP outline and sleep for tonight. 

Sunday, January 15

salam alaik.

yes. yes. yes. i know i should be working my hands on my homeworks. but this dashboard is too tempting to be true. haha. it's being a long time since my last post. i lost count already. sigh.

blogwalking for ages. now found the blogs. and the posts. suit for me. at this current time. haha. haih. IB exam is near already huh. another 3 months. and i'm done for good with ib life. just done the IUMC interview. fyi, IUMC stands for Irish Universities and Medical schools Consortium. competing for 64 places out of 174 candidates. what a thin chance. who cares.

what do i say about irish people. those who interviewed me. what a friendly. i had fun with them. in a formal way though. with the sports and culture thingy. with the disease and abnormalities. with the passion and stress. oh yeah. stress!(suddenly Gary the running man came up. haha. eh)

don't worry. not gonna told anything about stress tonite. would be too stress to tell about stress that might stress the stressed people? haih. bad enough.

walking along the road. with companions. holding hands. suddenly came across a question by my roomate.

"what is the difference between you and a rose?"

"err.. i'm prettier?"

"no. rose will wither. but u'll never wither in my heart"

wondering, if he is my boyfriend, and i'm a girl. i'll be having nosebleed already.

should try it sometimes. it does make a smile. if not a laugh. haha. sorry i laughed the other day. what? it's funny! okay. maybe its not.

a bond of brotherhood is aided by the strength of iman. if ukhuwah problem burdens u. then u might wanna check your imaan as well. because yup. all muslims are brothers.

what a rambling person i am. talking about some stupid things while 9gagging(now its a verb already). its quite addictive. duh. i ahve to be more firm. i must.

walking this path. i hope that i'll always be granted with not a strong companion. but with a complementary one. so that i'll always able to fill in the blank. (err?) and the person will always be filling my blank. haha. my murabbi are going to crush me sooner or latter. not really worried. he's not going to read this. too busy with da'wah and tarbiyyah. what an awesome fella. inspiring enough for a murabbi.

it's gonna be the same day again tomorrow. haish. what's the difference between u know that u're living like a robot and i didn't know it. haha. it sure makes a different for me. goodbye fella. and u there. goodnite. eh. morning.

salam alaik.

*even i don't know when i'll be able to forget it. let's just pray. for u and for me. for islam. together.