Thursday, July 5

Saya Penghidap Temporary Insomnia!

salam alaik..

yeah, i know! it's 1.28 a.m and i'm still wide open!

who knows waiting for IB results really feels like chicken to be slaughtered. u're damn right there, Mikhail. i blame u for giving me those chills now. urgh. i can't really think right now. so, please. if u expect some tazkirah in this post, u aren't getting one. my bad.

i just got the letter that i've been waiting for some time. yeah, inche murabbi, it is quite long until all my problems are gone when it knocks my inbox. and i'm not really in the right mood to read it dramatically. eventhough it does spray some onion's pulp to my eyes. yeah, i couldn't say more.. saya sayang kamu kerana Allah sangat2 tahu, inche murabbi!! *muntah hijau

but seriously, i am glad that u read my letter. although my writings are as close to sampah and dirts around my house, yet u still take some time to read and respond. that alone makes me relieved. at least someone do really listened to my problem. yeah, i have no big brother, and u are like my big big brader. so, thank you for everything. (eh, sapa hiris bawang ni?)

back to the IB results. i hereby declare that i accept any points that U'll give me. it is a nikmat. yet it is a test. both in the same situation. i couldn't sleep now. but maybe 15 minutes later, i'll be able to sleep. who knows?

even though i am quite famous for my 3-minutes-sleeping-already-habits, i do have problems when it involves this point in time where the route of my life will be decided. it is the same during the MARA interview results and also during the MARA PILN application results. oh well. i better sleep now. sweet dream.

salam alaik readers!

the one who can't sleep,

p/s: saya rasa kalau saya tak join tarbiyah, susah juga nak terima apa-apa results seadanya.. kan?

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