Tuesday, December 6

chickened out!

salam alayk.

[kredit pakcik Google]

i'm a chicken. yes. a big one. better grill me with a fat oil since i'm skinny. do not expect me to secrete more those yellowish oily liquid as more as anybody else since yes. i'm a skinny little chicken.

one of those days came again. and. me again. too afraid to say even two simple words. what a pain. what's there in wishes. nothing. so why afraid. no reason. i'm just another chicken.

people said. don't lose hope. and yeah! i'm proud that i still have hopes. what a spoilt brat i am. hoping for something that is too far to be true.

it is just like a fairy tale. full of musics and wonders. but the prince and the princess live happily ever after. but in my case, it is still at the part where the curse aren't casted yet. and the princess does not even know that the prince exists. it is still at the part where the animals and the forest are shown on the screen. yup. still at the very beginning. it's not even fit for a beginning. it never started. just because. yup.

i'm a big skinny little chicken.

*syndrome insomnia versi che cardio - melalut tengah malam tanpa tujuan. macam orang tak tahu tujuan hidup. shame on me. =(

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